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An international leader in car care products


For over 75 years, Turtle Wax® has pushed the boundaries of car care to create new products, solutions and groundbreaking technologies that have revolutionized the car wash industry in North America and around the world. Turtle Wax Pro's (commercial line) newly redesigned website had to emulate the same standard of quality. We were engaged to create more fluid UX/UI with a focus on information hierarchy and lead generation. Within the first 4 months, Turtle Wax Pro has generated over $300k USD ARR from inbound lead generation.

Wireframe & Prototype

During the UX design process, we were able to determine the best way of structuring information based on TWP's ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). This translated into a high fidelity wireframe, which included high level brand visuals and design concepts. From there, a prototype is quickly created and the website design comes to life.

Web Design & Development

Part of Turtle Wax Pro’s brand refresh required a website overhaul. The challenge was to push design thinking principles and create a site that forces the boundaries of their respective auto industry, focusing on user experience, product search functionality and lead generation. Additionally, we created a custom search filtering system and product catalogue to provide a centralized shopping experience.

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Content Design

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