Strategists by nature.
Creatives at heart.

We focus on empowering brands through creative and growth driven design thinking.

Meet the Crew

Wanderland Agency, founded in 2019 by Michael & Francois, is a discreet yet highly proficient boutique creative studio. Their expertise lies in the realm of UX/UI design, orchestrating seamless digital experiences for websites and web/mobile applications, all while placing an unwavering emphasis on user-centric solutions.

Distinguishing themselves with an unyielding commitment to creative exploration and technological acumen, they remain consistently attuned to the dynamic shifts within the digital landscape. This adaptable approach has facilitated their proficiency across various industries, enabling the delivery of objective and tailored resolutions to esteemed brands spanning North America and Europe.

Picture of co-founder Michael Bou Doumit smiling
Michael Bou Doumit
Head of Business Development

After graduating with a business and communications major, Michael began working in the tech space within marketing, sales and operations. Years later, he finds himself mixed in start-up tech eco-systems and guiding small and medium sized businesses through strategic marketing initiatives.

Picture of co-founder Francois Huppertz smiling
François Huppertz
Head of Design & Digital

After travelling the world and working with agencies in Australia, Belgium and Canada, Francois has grounded himself as a leader in design thinking. With his creative differentiating perspectives, he's propelled many brands towards finding success, by increasing revenue, and creating unified brand recognition and kick ass designs.

Picture of team of people working around a table with a dark overlay

Communitech was built by tech founders who saw the need for a community to help ensure the future prosperity of Canada. No other innovation hub can say that, which is pretty cool.

Picture of mother and daughter staring at each other and smiling

Communally, we can all make a change. Our reason for supporting the Canadian Cancer Society stems from personal stories that have shaped us into who we are today.

Our beliefs
Pillar I

Anywhere. We pride ourselves in our explorative nature, and that can only be true by working anywhere in the world.

Pillar II

Collaboration. When working together, the ability to create becomes a canvas filled with ideas from different minds, resulting in creations, never seen before.

Pillar III

Knowledge. There is no cost but the one of which our clients retain, when we share all the knowledge we have, with everyone.

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