The first ecom brand for mothers to be


Rumbly, the only pregnancy subscription box company, needed a website that clearly communicated the brand purpose & differentiation, from other subscription box companies geared towards the health of the baby, and not the mothers. Our vision translated into creating a minimalistic, clean and brand focused design.

Small image of website home page header overlayed on a light purple background
Wireframe & Prototype

The web design process started with in depth wireframe strategy and design. The objective here was to identify how to communicate the brand value and differentiation, and we did so by using proper section structure and copy mix.

Web Design & Development

The keys that helped deliver the best website was around the right mix of illustrations, animations and UX copy. The brand came to life by walking through the emotional elements of becoming a mom, and how Rumbly is meant to be there as a guide, companion, and.. a friend. The website had to emulate that same feeling, and as the user navigates through it, the UX scrolling functions and simple effective UX copy, delivered on that brand promise.

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Content Design

The brand voice had to be reflected through the use of visuals, text and user interactions. What brought the website to life was the use of Lotis animations, illustrations and cheeky copy. Leveraging scrolling-telling interactions, the brand story, benefits and features are communicated in a clear and concise way.

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