A new way of ordering post-op products


The creation of OrthoRx stemmed from the necessity to establish a safe haven for patients to make purchases with certainty, assured that the items they procure have been acknowledged and recommended by their physicians. The goal was to create a seamless product navigation experience for doctor referred patients, to locate the products prescribed by their doctors. The solution was built around having a product categorization and filtering system based on doctor selection.

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Wireframe & Prototype

During the design process, it was vital to understand how the user would navigate the site and more importantly, how the user persona would evolve over time as the business grew. The design had to remain simple and direct, ensuring the user knew what action to take as soon as they land on the home page.

Web Design & Development

The design to development process was quite challenging. To maintain a low cost but still provide a custom website built on Shopify, we chose to design the entirety of the website on Webflow, export it as a theme using Udesly, and upload it as custom theme to the Shopify store.

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Content Design

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