Nails by Toe Bro

A premium salon experience


Nails by Toe Bro, a sister brand to The Toe Bro, needed an image that truly highlighted the differences of their nail salon experience versus everyone else's. The luxury medical first approach is the first in its industry and the website had to showcase that, the moment a user lands on the home page.

Wireframe & Prototype

The mission was clear, build a minimalistic, premium luxury nail salon website that encompassed the brand mission and values but also directed traffic towards the desired information. A user journey map and wireframe, quickly determined that simplicity was going to empower users to find their way to booking an appointment.

Web Design & Development

The preliminary stages of our design process highlighted the importance of creating a UX around mobile use, as majority of visitors are navigating on mobile devices. This understanding translated into, clean and structured mobile UI focused on information hierarchy.

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Content Design

To bring the premium luxury feel to the website, strong photography and retouching was required. The aim was to leverage high quality custom and stock photography to encapsulate both the voice and tone of the brand, while maintaining a fluid user experience (optimized images for fast page load times).

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