Mississauga Foot Clinic

North-America's most popular foot clinic


The Mississauga Foot Clinic is the home of famous Chiropodist and YouTuber, The Toe Bro. Mississauga Foot Clinic was in need of a website refresh. Our main focus was around creating defined information hierarchy through seamless UX and UI design. With better user flow, the clinic has seen an increase in bookings and website engagement.

Wireframe & Prototype

Before moving into our design stage, understanding how users will navigate the website is crucial to structuring displayed information, call to actions and conversion points. A user journey map provides a high-level view of an ideal customer profile's (ICP) flow through the website.

Web Design & Development

Following our web design process, the user journey mapping process provided us with insight on current site navigation and desired site navigation based on ICP's (Ideal Customer Profiles). The main focus was around triaging traffic towards the corresponding treatment for the issue they have. We identified that visitors don't navigate by searching for the treatment, rather searching for the foot issues they're facing. This led us to design a custom interactive foot issue selection tool on the main homepage header.

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Content Design

Part of the website redesign included requirements for new content creation/design. This includes photography, videography, website UX copywriting and assets (iconography).

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