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Hopin Technologies had been struggling to position their product and unique value proposition on their old website. Lack of cohesive copy and product information left visitors confused as to what they actually provided. The goal was to create a unified website focused on clearly delivering product information. In doing so, Hopin has seen an increase in lead generation through their website.

Wireframe & Prototype

With this new start-up, we understood that communicating the brands mission through out the copy and visuals was vital to informing users of what Hopin Technologies was all about. With a distinguishable difference in their prior website structure, we were able to position their USP's and value propositions as buying catalysts for prospects.

Web Design & Development

During the website design process we were able to draw new pathways to lead generation by simplifying information structure. As an early-stage start-up, product features and benefits were key to projecting the life time value of their product to website visitors. In development, our focus was on building a clean coded site respecting BEM naming conventions, so that when the time comes for the website to scale, it had a structured framework.

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Content Design

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