A fast growing titan in health-tech


Healthie has grown to be one of the leading Practice Management & Electronic Health Records Platforms in the US. The goal? Increase free trial conversions. By leveraging A/B and multi-variant testing, we were able to identify the best design/copy outcomes for the highest visited pages resulting in the highest earning quarter in company history.

Wireframe & Prototype

Web Design & Development

As Healthie continues to grow, their website page requirements follows suit. We continue to create pages using the foundational design structure, strategic landing pages, variants for A/B testing and optimized UX of pre-existing pages.


Using growth driven principles, we were able to leverage pre-existing and new data to optimize multiple UX and lead generation initiatives, resulting in an overall increase user registration / lead generation in 30 day cycles.

Content Design

One of the best ways to showcase product features is by creating interactive visual content. Part of our ongoing work with Healthie includes video animation design and asset creation.

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