Crozier Mechanical

A low carbon footprint construction firm


Founded in 1996, Crozier Mechanical is a family owned and operated full mechanical provider specializing in design build, custom metal fabrication, and millwrighting services. Crozier Mechanical among many other construction companies are in a pivotal moment in digital transformation and they came to us needing a new website design reflecting their brand, voice and dedication to staying innovative while sustainable. This landing page is the first phase of a larger website redesign.

Wireframe & Prototype

With the mindset that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, we focused on creating a well structured wireframe taking into account information hierarchy, and user flow.

Web Design & Development

Our design process for this project focused on creating a user-focused landing page, highlighting the necessary information like service offerings and service locations in a way that's clean and easy to navigate.

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Content Design

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