Alphi Capital

A private equity firm with a new perspective


Alphi Capital is a new private equity firm in Toronto, Canada, set on a mission to build companies that stand the test of time. Wanderland agency was tasked with creating a website that focused on the core business missions and values, and highlighting growth using visuals and animations throughout the website. With this project, we had to design the website respecting the golden ration (Fibonacci), which pushed our design expertise to new levels.

Alphi capital website mockup designs and framework laid out on slides overlapping eachother
Wireframe & Prototype

Our wireframing process had to transform so that we could truly capture the essence of the golden ratio within out designs. By using traditional design guidelines, we were able to build out the structure of the site strategically. The transition into the prototyping stage was our most challenging. As we began applying golden ration principles, we had to keep in mind how responsiveness would be impacted and how we can mitigate any detriment to UX. The golden ration also impacted fonts and required a multiplication and division guideline for sizing.

Web Design & Development

As we began our design and development framework, we quickly determined that our conventional approach would have to change. The golden ration would challenge the traditional web design standard and force us to look at dimensions, ratios and spacing differently. With that, we married our framework with the golden ration principles and developed a dynamic design.

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