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International logistics leader, providing mentorship to entrepreneurs across Canada.

1 month
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Project Description

DHL, a global logistics leader, has teamed up with us to boost their Mentorship site, aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with insights to conquer global delivery hurdles and scale their businesses. Tasked by DHL's marketing agency, trevor//peter, we transitioned the site from WordPress to Webflow, enhancing its stability and user experience.


DHL International GmbH. - Trevor // Peter

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*Backup link represents site at time of this case study. The live site is now operated by the client.
Work Process

DHL's mentorship campaign, broadcasted across Canada, faced challenges with their WordPress site. They wanted to gain greater control over their site’s content management system (CMS) without being constrained by platform limitations and ongoing maintenance. That's where we stepped in.


After pinpointing essential project needs—ease of CMS management and content control for a marketing site—our go to partner, Webflow, emerged as the solution. We seamlessly migrated the entire site from WordPress to Webflow, streamlining content management and enhancing site reliability, optimization and overall responsiveness.

Painless migration

After identifying the critical requirements for DHL’s content management, conversion tracking and multi-language site, we went straight into ideating the process flow for migrating their site from Wordpress to Webflow. With Trevor // Peter’s collaborative partnership, we were able to quickly bring their designs to life in Webflow with pixel perfect execution.

Secure Hosting
Depending on your host
AWS hosting
Custom Design & Code
Via plugin or expensive development
Total freedom
CMS Customization
Via plugin
Via Finsweet Attributes
Mandatory and manual updates
Automatic updates
(no maintenance)
Backup Management
Via plugin
Unlimited automatic and manual backups
SEO & Marketing
Via plugin
Built-in SEO options

CMS & component architecture

Given the pivotal role of the website as a central hub for blog articles, we meticulously tailored the CMS to suit this purpose. Our style guide reflects the latest and most effective practices embraced by the Webflow community, ensuring top-notch code quality. By integrating CSS variables with Finsweet custom attributes, our infrastructure facilitates the creation of modular and reusable components, enabling seamless color and asset customization with just a single click.

Translation made easy

One of DHL's requirements was to develop a multilingual site. Leveraging the built-in Localization feature, we were able to swiftly deploy and translate the website using AI technology. This feature offers extensive capabilities such as controlling element visibility, customizing styles, and adjusting URLs based on language, which proves invaluable for SEO optimization.

Onboarding & internal training

To easily facilitate the transition of site ownership, we curated a YouTube video playlist that we shared with DHL, granting them full control over their website. This resource empowers them to internally train their team and access past knowledge without any time constraints.

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