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We're dedicated to empowering forward-thinking brands, by leveraging dynamic UX/UI design and Optimization principles to drive impactful growth for websites & apps.

Pioneering SaaS for virtual-first healthcare.
Web Development
DHL International
International logistics leader, providing mentorship to entrepreneurs across Canada.
Web Development
UX/UI Design

A blend of strategy and creativity that crafts captivating interfaces, delivering seamless user experiences that leave a lasting impact.

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Web Development

We transform ideas into innovative, user-centric solutions through the fusion of cutting-edge technology and creative ingenuity.

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Analytics & Optimization

Harness the power of data-driven insights, optimized user experiences, and maximized results.

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"We worked with Wanderland on two projects in 2022. Both were complex and exceeded all expectations. A great balance of applying our input and their depth of knowledge. We're confident we have one of the best looking websites in our industry thanks to Michael and Francois!"

Blake Bottrill
Brand Manager
Transchem Group

"Excellent agency partner! Highly skilled in web design + content design, as well as stellar client service. Definitely recommend booking a discovery call with Wanderland Agency."

Marnie Madras

"Wanderland is unlike most agencies that we have worked with. What sets them apart is their EQ and their approach to learning about us (the clients) prior to submitting any proposal. They are dedicated to making an impact aligned with the company goals and with the company mission...and the results definitely translate to data and numbers by the end of the experience."

Erich Ko
Hop In Technologies

"They went above and beyond my expectations for the website.. I was blown away by the attention to detail throughout the process ... It was the best (and easiest) experience I have ever had creating a custom website... I highly recommend Wanderland Agency!"

Jonathan Tomines
The Toe Bro

"Wanderland Marketing Agency Inc.’s true value is that they can make data-informed website optimizations. Any run-of-the-mill designer can just implement changes — but Wanderland Marketing Agency Inc. can continuously improve your website’s performance using data and analytics."

Stefanie Mendez
Director of Marketing

"Wanderland Marketing Agency Inc. was able to deliver a high-performing website. The team was highly collaborative and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with their clear and concise development plan."

Mackenzie Ewing
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Turtle Wax Pro

"I hired Wanderland to build a robust website on an extremely tight timeline. They delivered quality work while working through some very difficult roadblocks. They were always professional and found a way to solve the problems that were thrown their way. Highly recommend."

Oliver Nacinovic
Creative Director
OSL Retail Services
our process
Our Process

We delve into user challenges, goals, and the aspirations of your business. Through research and data aggregation, we create vivid user personas that shape our design strategy.


Unleash boundless creativity as we brainstorm and ideate solutions. Through user testing, we refine low-fidelity ideas into actionable concepts. We breaks down projects into achievable milestones, ensuring a clear path to success.


Witness the magic of design as we crafts visually stunning and intuitive solutions. We constantly iterate and user-test our designs, incorporating valuable feedback to create exceptional user experiences.


Transforming design into reality, we meticulously bring your solutions to life. Rigorous testing ensures seamless functionality, leaving no room for compromise.


It's time to make your mark on the digital landscape. We orchestrate a smooth and impactful launch, implementing analytics to monitor user engagement and behaviour. Your brand's visibility soars as you connect with your audience.


Continuous improvement is our mantra. We track, analyse, and optimise solution performance, making data-driven decisions. Monthly cycles keep your brand at the forefront of innovation.

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